Carlos Key was born July 30, 1963. At the early age of 18, he felt the call of God to dedicate his life to the ministry of Jesus Christ. After his tour of duty in the military, he returned home and was pastored by an anointed man of God in a local ministry where he was ordained. After three years of complete dedication as a minister, conducting tent revivals, street and prison ministry, his commitment to God was challenged.

As a backslidden man, he found himself in a crack house in Florida. It was there where a drug influenced woman saw him and asked, “What are you doing here? When she told him that he didn’t belong there, he realized that only God could have revealed to her that he was a minister. It was at that point that he returned home and rededicated his life to God.

Like the prodigal son, he returned home to a revival service conducted by his Pastor. During the altar call, he went up to his Pastor, opened his hand and revealed an “eight ball” of cocaine. He asked him if God could help him with his addiction. VOOM! is the rest of the story.